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Foundry Networks Routers


Foundry NetironSpecifically designed to meet the bandwidth requirements of demanding service providers, Foundry NetIron is the company’s flagship Network Router. Our complete inventory of Used Foundry Routers offer the flexibility, and functionality to manage and deliver bandwidth to satisfy the customers of Internet and Metro Service Providers (MSP). Built in a compact design that rivals routers more than twice their size, Foundry Routers boast unparalleled routing capacity, scalability, control, and functionality all for an unbelievable price/performance ratio.

Able to support MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), Foundry Routers assign, label and forward incoming packets to circumvent network congestion and guarantee optimal performance by way of distinct traffic engineering.

Foundry Available Routers features:

  • Available in 4, 8, or 15-Slot Modules
  • 128 Gbs Switching Capacity per port
  • 44 Mps Routed/Switched
  • Support for Wire-speed Draft-Martini (Layer 2 VPNs), MPLS , and Traffic Engineering, as well as OC-3c, OC-12c, and OC-48c Packet over SONET/SDH, OC-3 ATM , and Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Nearly Double the 10Gbe capacity of their competitors
  • Backwards compatible software and interface modules, that work on all Foundry NetIron models


Don’t be intimidated by industry jargon, give us a call at (866)-IT-ASSET and let us help you decide which Foundry product is right for your business!

What is a Router? A Foundry Router is a network router is the centerpiece of any network. On the OSI model, a Foundry Router is known as a Level 3 device. A Router functions to connect a network to the world-wide web so they can communicate and transfer data and information with other networks. Routers perform two functions, path determination and switching.

Path Determination: As we discussed on the Foundry switches page, networks are connected to one another via routers . These routers take gpackets of information and route them to their destination. Foundry Routers support MPLS networks, which can help to engineer traffic and improved speeds. MPLS is a process by which incoming packets are assigned a label and forwarded to the Label Switch Router (LSR), which makes a intelligent decision about the assigned label. Once received, the router replaces the existing label with a new one that informs the next LSR how to handle the packet.

Switching: Routers also usually have a built in switch to allow computers on the network to “talk” to each other so you can use them to build a network. Foundry Routers also have built-in firewalls and security software like IronShield, which filter out threats on the Internet.

For more documentation on applications, you can refer to company literature on setting up a network with a Foundry Router


5-Year Brocade/Foundry Warranty
As the world’s largest reseller of refurbished Brocade hardware, we offer an extended 5-Year warranty to end-users for every piece of gear we deliver. This warranty includes advance replacement, which means when you call us to report a problem, our technical team will work with you quickly to assess the problem. If we cannot overcome it, we ship a replacement unit immediately. Your sales rep will then provide an email to you with RMA instructions for returning the faulty unit.

*In the event we cannot supply a replacement unit, we will provide a refund or credit once faulty unit is returned.

Return Policy
The defective product must be received by Townsend Networks within 30 calendar days from the date the RMA is issued. A defective product received by Townsend Networks more than 30 calendar days from the date the RMA is issued will not be accepted by Townsend Networks and will not be eligible for repair, replacement or credit.

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