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Used Brocade 8000 Switch

Used Brocade 8000 SwitchA Versatile Layer 2 CEE/FCoE Switch for Server I/O Consolidation
Supporting Windows and Linux environments, the Brocade 8000 Switch enables access to the LANs and SANs over a common server connection by utilizing emerging Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocols. LAN traffic is forwarded to aggregation layer Ethernet switches using conventional 10 GbE connections, and storage traffic is forwarded to Fibre Channel SANs over 8 Gbps Fibre Channel connections. Part of a unified CEE/FCoE solution unique to Brocade, the Brocade 8000 helps organizations reduce capital and operating expenses in enterprise data centers.

The Brocade 8000 connects to servers utilizing Brocade 1010/1020 Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) or third-party CNAs. Consolidating server I/O reduces the number of server adapters, which in turn reduces cabling and switch ports, resulting in lower infrastructure costs as well as lower power and cooling costs.

Moreover, consolidation is not limited to hardware components. Because FCoE preserves Fibre Channel constructs and services, it integrates seamlessly into existing Fibre Channel environments, enabling organizations to introduce CEE/FCoE into their data centers without disrupting their existing SANs or IT management practices.

To further reduce complexity and administrative overhead, organizations can manage Brocade CNAs, the Brocade 8000, and their Brocade Fibre Channel SAN infrastructures using Brocade Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM), providing a unified CEE/FCoE solution.

The Brocade 8000 provides best-in-class performance using a cut-through, non-blocking architecture. The low-profile 1U design features 24 10 Gbps CEE ports for server and LAN connections, and eight 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports for connection to the SAN.

The Brocade 8000 has advanced ASIC technology that provides unique frame-based trunking of server connections at up to 40 Gbps of combined throughput. The switch also features standards-based Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) for LAN connections, as well as frame-based trunking of SAN connections at up to 64 Gbps of throughput.

To meet current and future needs, organizations have the flexibility to activate both the CEE and Fibre Channel ports, with full FCoE support enabled. Alternatively, they can deploy the Brocade 8000 initially as a 10 GbE Layer 2 Ethernet switch and activate only the CEE ports. To deliver SAN connectivity in the future, organizations can add optional licenses to activate the Fibre Channel ports and FCoE capabilities, providing a seamless path to server I/O consolidation.

Leveraging deep Brocade expertise in Ethernet technologies, the Brocade 8000 switch provides broad, standards-based data link layer (Layer 2) capabilities covering Quality of Service (QoS), security, and Layer 2 protocols. The switch 24 CEE ports provide uplink connections to conventional 10 GbE port aggregation layer Ethernet switches (Brocade or third-party devices). Layer 2 functions are configured and administered accordingly at the access layer.

The Brocade 8000 utilizes the same Brocade Fabric OS  (FOS) that powers the entire Brocade SAN product family—from fixed port switches to the Brocade DCX Backbone. This helps ensure backward and forward compatibility, and enables seamless and non-disruptive integration with Brocade Fibre Channel SANs.

To help organizations safeguard their critical information, the Brocade 8000 is designed for the highest level of fabric security. It utilizes advanced port and switch Access Control Lists (ACLs) to simplify administration and significantly increase control over data access. To enhance access security, the Brocade 8000 supports Active Directory with LDAP and 802.1x security and authentication.

The Brocade 8000 provides a reliable foundation for business continuance by employing enterprise-class availability features such as hot-swappable and redundant fan and power supply assemblies. Combined with a wide range of diagnostic and monitoring functions, these capabilities help ensure highly available LAN and SAN environments.

By networking Fibre Channel switches and the Brocade 8000 under a common management platform, Brocade FOS simplifies management through standard interfaces and support for third-party management applications. The Brocade 8000 supports switch management through a command line interface, Brocade Web Tools, or Brocade DCFM, which includes support for Fibre Channel, FCoE, and CEE.

To further reduce complexity and administrative overhead, organizations can manage Brocade CNAs, Brocade 8000, and their Brocade Fibre Channel SAN infrastructures using Brocade DCFM, providing a unified CEE/FCoE solution unique to Brocade.