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Used Cisco Routers

Redefining best-in-class routing for the enterprise business, Cisco Routers deliver concurrent data, voice/video, and wireless services with industry-leading security. Utilizing a comprehensive systems approach, Cisco Integrated Services Routers offer a single, resilient platform that combines packaging with intelligent services that seamlessly weave voice, routing, security, and application services together allowing more automation and efficiency.

Rapidly Growing companies can take advantage of integrated foundation solutions that are not only secure, solid, but also compatible with next generation technologies. Rather than purchasing separate components designed for individual functions, our Used Cisco Routers provide features enabling organizations to take advantage of additional technologies such as IP Communications, and advanced security systems.In addition, a Cisco powered network allows access to wireless platforms including public wireless LAN or Wi-Fi hotspot, as well as Cisco Land Mobile Radio-over-IP service. As always, Cisco Systems’ products go above and beyond all network needs, from data and voice to traffic management enabling ideal network productivity by providing superior Quality of Service that businesses and applications have come to demand.

All Cisco Routers offer comprehensive, upgradable solutions that minimize network outages and ensure that business-critical applications stay fully functional. Cisco’s continued focus on integrating growing infrastructure services and routing performance enables businesses to create networks that are more intelligent, resilient, and most of all reliable. Organizations of all sizes that need fast, secure access to today’s fast-paced applications choose Cisco Routers for the following features :

  • Provide the industry’s first network portfolio, engineered for secure, wire-speed delivery of concurrent data, voice, and video services
  • Embed security and voice services into a single routing system
  • Use an integrated systems approach to embedded services that speeds application deployment and reduces operating costs and complexity
  • Provide unparalleled services performance and investment protection

Don’t be intimidated by industry jargon, give us a call at (866)-IT-ASSET and let us help you decide which Cisco product is right for your business! Looking for Used Cisco Switches?

What is a Router? A Cisco Router is a network router and functions as the centerpiece of any network. A Router functions to connect a network to the world-wide web so they can communicate and transfer data and information with other networks. Routers perform two functions, path determination and switching.

Path Determination: Networks are connected to one another via routers. These routers take “packets” of information and route them to their destination. Cisco Routers support MPLS networks, which can help to engineer traffic and improved speeds. MPLS is a process by which incoming packets are assigned a label and forwarded to the Label Switch Router (LSR), which makes a intelligent decision about the assigned label. Once received, the router replaces the existing label with a new one that informs the next LSR how to handle the packet.

Switching: Routers also usually have a built in switch to allow computers on the network to “talk” to each other so you can use them to build a network. Cisco Routers also have built-in firewalls and security software which filters out threats on the Internet. By sharing modular interfaces with all other Cisco series, the Cisco 1600 Series Router is a sound purchase for emerging businesses.


1-Year Cisco Warranty
As the world’s largest reseller of refurbished Cisco hardware, we offer an extended 1-Year warranty to end-users for every piece of gear we deliver. This warranty includes advance replacement, which means when you call us to report a problem, our technical team will work with you quickly to assess the problem. If we cannot overcome it, we ship a replacement unit immediately. Your sales rep will then provide an email to you with RMA instructions for returning the faulty unit.

*In the event we cannot supply a replacement unit, we will provide a refund or credit once faulty unit is returned.

Return Policy
The defective product must be received by Townsend Networks within 30 calendar days from the date the RMA is issued. A defective product received by Townsend Networks more than 30 calendar days from the date the RMA is issued will not be accepted by Townsend Networks and will not be eligible for repair, replacement or credit.

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