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  • Leasing equipment instead of buying it outright can give small-business owners more financial flexibility by conserving cash flow.
  • The benefits include the ability to secure the use of equipment without spending a lot of money upfront, fixed monthly payments and the ability to assign the tax benefits from depreciation to the party in the transaction that can best put them to work.
  • ELA (Equipment Leasing Associate) Reports: “In 2002, this survey found that 73 percent of businesses lease equipment, citing the top three reasons to lease as the ability to manage company growth, take advantage of the latest technology, and improve asset management.”
  • Leasing can also allow a small-business owner to get needed equipment without drawing down other credit lines, which may be needed for working capital, especially in a growing business.
  • Plus, credit lines and other loans are likely to be variable-rate rather than the fixed rate implicit in a lease, which is an important consideration in the current rising-interest-rate environment.

Townsend Networks provides no hassle, cost-effective equipment leasing solutions for businesses nationwide. You can finance your new or used business equipment with fixed monthly payments – over a period you choose. Lease Cisco, Foundry Networks, Brocade, Juniper and other networking hardware solutions.


Townsend Networks offers a variety of financing solutions to assist you acquire the equipment needed for your business today! Please complete our easy online lease application for prequalification and estimated terms.

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