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Used Cisco 2800 Series Routers


The award-winning Cisco 2800 Series routers, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices, are designed for wire-speed delivery of highly secure concurrent services. The 2800 router features the ability to deliver multiple high-quality simultaneous services at wire speed up to multiple T1/E1/xDSL connections. The routers offer embedded encryption acceleration and on the motherboard voice digital-signal-processor (DSP) slots; intrusion prevention system (IPS) and firewall functions; optional integrated call processing and voice mail support; high-density interfaces for a wide range of connectivity requirements; and sufficient performance and slot density for future network expansion requirements and advanced applications.

The integrated services routing architecture of the 2800 Series provides the performance, availability, and reliability needed to scale mission-critical business applications in the most demanding environments. Features of the routers include:

  • Built-in security
  • Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) for simplified management
  • A modular platform with a broad range of interface options
  • Up to 2 10/100/1000 Mbps built-in routed ports
  • Up to 64 10/100 Mbps switch ports with optional Power over Ethernet (PoE), for providing DC power to network devices such as IP phones
  • Up to 1500 VPN tunnels
  • Cisco CallManager Express (CME) call-processing support for up to 96 Cisco IP phone users
  • Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) support for up to 96 Cisco IP phone users, allowing the router to provide call-processing functionality to keep voice service in operation should the connection to Cisco CME be lost
  • Support for wireless LAN standards 802.11a/b/g
  • Support for a Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) port for Gigabit Ethernet (except 2801)
  • Built-in redundant power supply connector (except 2801)

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Cisco 2800 Series Routers

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Part Number Description
CISCO2801-ADSL/K9 2801 DSL Bundle,WIC-1ADSL(ADSLoPOTS),SP Serv,64F/192D
CISCO2801-CCME/K9 2801 Voice Bundle w/ 24-user FL-CCME-SMALL,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2801-HSEC/K9 2801 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2801-SEC/K9 2801 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D
CISCO2801-SHDSL/K9 2801 DSL Bdle,WIC-1SHDSL (2-Wire only),SP Serv,64F/192D
CISCO2801-SRST/K9 2801 Voice Bundle w/ 24-user FL-SRST-SMALL,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2801-V/K9 2801 Voice Bundle,PVDM2-8,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2801-V3PN/K9 2801 V3PN bdl,AIM-VPN,PVDM2-8,FL-CCME-24,Adv IPServ,64F/256D
CISCO2811-ADSL/K9 2811 with WIC-1ADSL (ADSLoPOTs), SP Ser IOS, 64F/256D
CISCO2811-CCME/K9 2811 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-16,FL-CCME-36,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2811-HSEC/K9 2811 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN-EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2811-SEC/K9 2811 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D
CISCO2811-SHDSL/K9 2811 DSL Bundle,WIC-1SHDSL-V2 (2 or 4 Wire),SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2811-SRST/K9 2811 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-16,FL-SRST-36,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2811-V/K9 2811 Voice Bundle,PVDM2-16,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2811-V3PN/K9 2811 V3PN bdle w/AIM-VPN,PVDM2-16,CCME-36,AdvIPServ,64F/256D
CISCO2821-CCME/K9 2821 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-32,FL-CCME-48,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2821-HSEC/K9 2821 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN-EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2821-SEC/K9 2821 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D
CISCO2821-SRST/K9 2821 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-32,FL-SRST-48,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2821-V/K9 2821 Voice Bundle,PVDM2-32,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2821-V3PN/K9 2821 V3PN bdle w/AIM-VPN,PVDM2-32,CCME-48,AdvIPServ,64F/256D
CISCO2851-CCME/K9 2851 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-48,FL-CCME-72,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2851-HSEC/K9 2851 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN-EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2851-SEC/K9 2851 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D
CISCO2851-SRST/K9 2851 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-48,FL-SRST-72,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2851-V/K9 2851 Voice Bundle,PVDM2-48,SP Serv,64F/256D
CISCO2851-V3PN/K9 2851 V3PN bdle w/AIM-VPN,PVDM2-48,CCME-72,AdvIPServ,64F/256D

Used Cisco 2800 Series Chassis

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Part Number Description
ACS-2801 Accessory Kit for Cisco 2801
ACS-2801-RM-19 19 inch Rack Mount Kit for Cisco 2801
ACS-2811RM-19 19 inch Rack Mount Kit for Cisco 2811
ACS-2821-51RM-19 19 inch Rack Mount Kit for Cisco 2821/51
CISCO2801 2801 Router/AC PWR,2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS,IP BASE,64F/128D
CISCO2801-AC-IP 2801 Router with inline power,2FE,4slots,IP BASE,64F/128D
CISCO2811 2811 w/ AC PWR,2FE,4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,2AIMS,IP BASE,64F/256D
CISCO2821 2821 w/ AC PWR,2GE,4HWICs,3PVDM,1NME-X,2AIM,IP BASE,64F/256D


1-Year Cisco Warranty
As the world’s largest reseller of refurbished Cisco hardware, we offer an extended 1-Year warranty to end-users for every piece of gear we deliver. This warranty includes advance replacement, which means when you call us to report a problem, our technical team will work with you quickly to assess the problem. If we cannot overcome it, we ship a replacement unit immediately. Your sales rep will then provide an email to you with RMA instructions for returning the faulty unit.

*In the event we cannot supply a replacement unit, we will provide a refund or credit once faulty unit is returned.

Return Policy
The defective product must be received by Townsend Networks within 30 calendar days from the date the RMA is issued. A defective product received by Townsend Networks more than 30 calendar days from the date the RMA is issued will not be accepted by Townsend Networks and will not be eligible for repair, replacement or credit.

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