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Testing Process

I. Receiving and Physical Inspection

  1. Each received item that arrives is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is free from physical damage.
  2. It is verified via the external and internal serial numbers to be authentic.
  3. All markings, stickers, and labels must be intact and authentic.

II. Testing and Performance

A. Testing

  1. Every item is powered on for inspection.
  2. Chassis are cleaned and inspected.
  3. Motherboards and daughterboards are cleaned and tested.
  4. Slots and power connectors are populated to ensure proper operation under load.
  5. Connectors, ports, and pins are all visually inspected.
  6. All Internal memory is verified, recorded, and tested.
  7. Processing Units are verified, recorded, and tested.
  8. Indicator lights are tested.
  9. Validate and upgrade software if needed.
  10. All configurations are cleared and the software is restored to factory defaults.
  11. All network equipment is upgraded to the latest IOS version as needed.
  12. Logs are checked for errors.
  13. Licenses are verified.
  14. Applicable diagnostic tests are run to verify the system status.
  15. Errors are reported.

B. Performance

  1. Equipment is inserted into a live network environment and tested.
  2. Ports on routers and switches are tested based on speed capacity, 100 MB, 1 GB, 10 GB,
    etc. in a live network.
  3. Real traffic is generated in order to stress-test all ports to test bandwidth capacity and
    interface functionality.
  4. Power supplies are tested under load.

III. Refurbishing, Quality Control, and Shipping

A. Refurbishing

  1. After all the above criteria are met, and any additional testing is performed, all items are refurbished or repaired to the highest standards.

B. Quality Control

  1. Before shipping, all items go through a final inspection including but not limited to. A final cleaning process, power and post test, configuration confirmation, and any applicable accessory kit is included.
  2. All of our equipment goes through this stringent process to ensure that every piece meets factory specifications and is ready for real-world production environments.

C. Shipping

  1. All items are professionally packaged by our experienced shipping department using the only the highest quality materials to ensure damage free delivery.