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Used Brocade Encryption SAN Switch

Used Brocade Encryption SAN SwitchThe Brocade Encryption Switch is a high-performance standalone device for protecting data-at-rest in mission-critical environments. It scales non-disruptively, providing from 48 up to 96 Gbps of disk encryption processing power to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise environments with flexible, on-demand performance.

Moreover, the Brocade Encryption Switch is tightly integrated with industry-leading, enterprise-class key management systems that can scale to support key lifecycle services across distributed environments. It is also FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant.

Based on industry standards, Brocade encryption solutions for data-at-rest provide centralized, scalable encryption services that seamlessly integrate into existing Brocade Fabric OS (FOS) and Brocade M-Enterprise OS (M-EOS) environments.

Fabric-Based Encryption

Because most sensitive corporate data resides in data center Storage Area Networks (SANs), organizations can leverage the existing intelligence layer in the storage fabric to implement and manage data-at-rest security solutions.

This approach enables centralized management to support nearly every aspect of the data center, from server environments and workstations to edge computing and backup environments. As a result, it is an ideal place to standardize and consolidate a holistic data-at-rest security strategy.

In contrast to most current industry solutions, which typically cannot scale across extended enterprise storage environments, the Brocade Encryption Switch provides fabric-based encryption as part of the strategic Brocade Data Center Fabric (DCF) architecture and innovative Brocade Adaptive Networking services. This holistic approach enables backward and forward compatibility, as well as interoperability with a wide range of industry solutions—helping to secure next-generation data centers.

Industry Standards Compliance

Brocade products conform to industry standards in a manner consistent with accepted engineering practices and procedures.