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More Companies Turn to Used Cisco Networking Hardware

In the modern business landscape, a healthy IT infrastructure is a necessity. Businesses large and small need reliable networking hardware that supports their internal and external processes. But today’s companies are also looking for the greatest cost efficiency without compromising on quality or service—and that’s why businesses of all sizes are investing in used Cisco network hardware, as well as used Brocade and used Juniper equipment, as well as new excess gear.

Major brands have seen a recent upswing in refurbished networking hardware, particularly in businesses looking for used Cisco equipment. And the market for used networking hardware is not like buying old electronics on Craigslist. The best used networking equipment dealers offer companies a way to run their IT faster, smarter, and more efficiently. At Townsend Networks, we offer reliable refurbished hardware and new excess gear that consistently saves businesses time and money.

The Benefits of Used Networking Hardware

The secondary market for networking hardware equipment offers a wealth of advantages for companies of any size. When you purchase used Brocade, Juniper, or Cisco network equipment for your business, you’ll enjoy:

  • Lower cost: It goes without saying that pre-owned networking hardware costs less than new equipment. In many cases, used network equipment costs up to 90 percent less than OEM network hardware, including direct and retailer purchases.
  • Faster delivery: With our dedication to innovation and service, we offer faster ways to ship and expedite your used networking hardware purchase, at a significant reduction from standard wait times with orders from the manufacturer—typically, you’ll receive your equipment in days instead of weeks.
  • Wider selection: As a global network hardware reseller specializing in used Cisco, used Brocade, and used Juniper equipment, we offer a broader range of refurbished models to choose from, including end-of-life, end-of-sale, and hard-to-find models.
  • Thorough testing: Reputable resellers put each piece of used networking hardware equipment through comprehensive, rigorous testing to ensure a good, working quality when your equipment arrives. Even brand new networking equipment can malfunction on arrival, but our refurbished hardware is guaranteed against DOA.
  • Full warranty: Our third-party used Cisco, Juniper, and Brocade networking hardware comes with a full warranty and our exceptional customer service, so you’ll enjoy continued tech support when you need it.

Discover the Advantages of Quality Refurbished Networking Hardware

As a leading reseller of high quality, cost-efficient new and used networking hardware from major brands, Townsend Networks serves a growing global demand for refurbished networking products. We provide a comprehensive selection of used and refurbished networking equipment and new excess gear for businesses of all sizes, from used Cisco series 1900 to GSR 12000, to used Brocade MLXe products and used Juniper MX series networking equipment, and many more.

You’ll enjoy a greater selection, better performance, and faster service—all at a substantially lower cost to your business.