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Why Choose Juniper?

When it comes to networking hardware, businesses are faced with a wide variety of compelling options. With choices like Brocade, Cisco, and Juniper’s high-performance MX Series, business owners and IT managers must weigh the pros and cons of each offering. As an industry leader, Juniper is often one of the first considerations. Townsend Networks offers an extensive selection of used Juniper hardware, but here we’ll focus on Juniper’s MX240-AC-CDPC-B.

The Specs

The MX240 is a 3D Universal Edge Router optimized for switching and carrier-class Ethernet routing. It advertises a massive capacity of 240 Gbps on 24 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports, or oversubscribed forwarding at a ratio of 2:1 on all 48 ports. This high-performance router can handle both business and residential loads, including VPN services, broadband multiplay, and high-volume data center internetworking. The MX240 possesses two line card slots for DPCs, MPCs, or FPCs.

Planning Your Networking Space

This hardware also allows for flexible use of space. The router is five rack units tall, and multiple routers can be stacked from floor to ceiling to maximize your available space. If you choose to buy used Juniper hardware from Townsend Networks, you’ll be able to fill your space both efficiently and affordably. With extensive discounts and a fully stocked inventory, we can offer a full system at a fraction of the retail price. Townsend Networks sells used MX240-AC-CDPC-B with a one-year warranty.

Why Buy from Townsend Networks?

For businesses looking for highly specific hardware, it can be tricky to find a company with the desired model in stock. Townsend, however, has over $10 million in inventory, as well as an extensive global supply chain for those hard-to-find pieces. While we’ll most likely have your model in stock, we can get our hands on it quickly and efficiently if we don’t.

Price, as always, can be a major consideration when choosing networking hardware, but Townsend Networks levels that playing field by selling used Juniper at a discount of up to 80% off the list price for used networking hardware. We buy and sell a full range of hardware, and have the best industry offers when purchasing. So if you’re looking to buy MX240-AC-CDPC-B or other used Juniper products, contact us today at 866-IT-ASSET or sales@townsendnetworks.com for best-in-industry pricing and high-quality used networking hardware.